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A Touch of Brisbane!

Last week my partner and I traveled to Brisbane Australia. We only had a couple of days there, but what a couple of days it was.

Judy braving the ferris wheel

Judy braving the ferris wheel

For the shopping enthusiast, you will find the Queens Street Mall. The Mall is a series of indoor and outdoor shopping extravaganza’s that seems to go on forever. I shopped in Queens Street for the entire day and didn’t visit the same store twice! This mall is not for the faint of heart. All I was missing was a girlfriend so we could stop and sip an afternoon cocktail at one of the many outdoor cafes while comparing the treasures of the day.

The highlight of the trip though was the evening spent at South Bank. South Bank appears to be a park, series of museums, restaurants and shopping centers all situated along the Brisbane River. It is quaint, breathtaking and it a must see for any travelers to Brisbane.

My partner and I started our evening with a “cool one” at one of the many restaurants dotting the river front. It was just before dusk and the feeling in the air was one of divine relaxation.

We then decided we must see the sunset from the Wheel of Brisbane. This is a picturesque ferris wheel illuminating the South Bank skyline. The wheel offers panoramic views of the river, city and in our case the setting sun. If I wasn’t so darn afraid in ferris wheels it would have been a spectacular ride. Fear aside, I was very happy to experience a vibrant sunset from the “best seat” in the city.

The mighty wheel!

The mighty wheel!

A feature of South Bank (and there are many) that must be touched upon is the arbour that seems to go on forever. I do not have any idea how long the arbour is, but it is almost indescribable in beauty. We walked the arbour for at least 30 minutes before leaving behind the wonderful smells of the lavender coloured bougainvillea to find what else the park had to offer.

We found a manmade beach that is amazing. It is spectacular with its sand beach’s, rocky rivers, pebble swimming holes, lagoons, water parks and playgrounds. The beach has many boardwalks snaking through it’s length as well as a rain forest. I must confess, it is the most beautiful man made beach I have ever seen. It seems that Queenslanders do not do anything halfway or at least in the case of South Bank, they have gone “all out” and then some.

We proceeded on to a very pleasant dinner that included great food, fine wine and superb company.

We ended the evening with another walk through part of the arbour, the illuminated beach area, stopping at a pond full of slithering eels. Overhead was the shadow of fruit bats flying around the gardens.

Looking towards the arbor.

Looking towards the arbor.

We walked the bridge across the river while admiring the architecture of the downtown buildings both old and new.

I am looking forward to another trip to Brisbane as I saw a Moreton Island adventure that is calling my name. I love exploring Australia!

One response to “A Touch of Brisbane!

  1. Gail Green March 1, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Judy -Dennis & I lived in Brisbane for 5 years and your description is wonderful. We didn’t have the Ferris wheel in our time – but after reading your travelogue – I could easily go back for a visit.

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