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The Triumph is wet behind the ears… now!

The rain pelts down hard, leaving sheets of water across the F3 freeway north. Peering through the droplet distorted visor into the gloom ahead, I can see blurry shapes… mysterious red orbs warning me of the traffic surrounding us. I can’t see far, I lean forward… watchful as the lights flash about and we surf the puddles, resplendent in rooster tails of passing cars and trucks.

After riding about 240 kilometers we had stopped at Hornsby to “tog up”, put our rain gear on. Judy was concerned. This was the longest ride she had experienced on a road bike, she was starting to ache a bit but was in great spirits. Judy is an excellent passenger. It must be the early years when she rode dirt bikes. Judy is concerned about the heavy rain we are about to experience.

The 60 kilometers home in heavy rain goes well. The Triumph is very well behaved in the wet. I personally love riding in the rain. The blast of motorcycling comes from exhilaration and risk. The wet increases the risk and you ride accordingly. The F3 is boring under dry conditions. Add heavy rain and the equation changes. Your senses are heightened, alert and aware of the increased danger.

When you ride, you get many experiences that make it addictive… your senses are treated to smells, temperatures, risks, adrenaline and euphoria. To me, the danger reminds me of what I have and offers me a challenge. Although the danger is not always that high when riding, it is always there. When we face serious danger, death even, then we are most aware that we are alive!

One response to “The Triumph is wet behind the ears… now!

  1. Judy Clark March 10, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Concerned? I was scared!

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