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The Arrogance of the Human Species!

So what if we destroy the environment?! What if we destroy the Earth?! Why is it so important?!

Why? Because we live here, that’s why!!!

The human species may have the power to destroy the Earth because we have such a well developed ability to think. This allows us to invent, plan, create… and destroy.

The sanctity of human life is born in our own self importance. We believe humans are the ultimate living thing and deserve better treatment than any other living thing.

Why? Because we are the humans!

But are we the ultimate living thing? Even if, we rate ourselves more important than all of the amazing life forms on our planet, what about the rest of the universe? It is possible that a Carbon Based Bipedal Life-form (as the late, great Douglas Adams described himself) is not the ultimate? Shock-Horror… kill the unbeliever… Homo sapiens are the greatest!

There is evidence the Earth has re-booted several times before. The “end” may have come from some catastrophic natural event, perhaps a comet collision for example. Perhaps the “end” this time will be a catastrophic natural event such as Global Warming. After all, if we have created an “enhanced” Global Warming effect, it was caused by nature. As arrogant as we get, humans are just another quirk of the natural environment… nothing more!

Humans, and everything we create, good or bad, are as natural as the sparkling spring waters flowing from the earth!

If humans do succeed in destroying the Earth and causing a the re-boot, will it really matter? Nihilist? Is that not another word that suggests that we are superior? If we believe in nothing then we have a problem. Some people turn to a make believe God for meaning. I am not suggesting I don’t believe in anything, I just question the greater importance of it as relates to us as humans.

What about beyond our important planet, does the rest of the universe need us and our lump of space detritus?

I love the great spectacle of nature. I love all life forms that I am aware of. I do not, however, believe that the Universe will shed a tear if we destroy this planet. Of course, it is arrogant to suggest we can destroy it. We may force it to re-boot, perhaps another word in this case would be “purge”!

If we are going to save the planet, are we doing it for the Universe, or for ourselves?

The world is beautiful as it is. We should be humbled by the good fortune we have to even exist. The wonder and diversity of life should be something we strive to preserve. We are the custodians of the Earth. A big responsibility!

If we do manage to destroy the world we live in, the good news is that it will keep going. Perhaps vastly different, but still going. Of course, something else may destroy it that is out of our control. That is another story.

Be careful with what we have! Enjoy it! Celebrate our good fortune in evolving to the point we have. We have the ability to think through our decisions and be humble, respectful and successful managers of this planet!

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