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Fat boy torture!

Cruel and unreasonable punishment… well, torture anyway…

My colleague at work had her last day at work before going off to have a baby. The company pays for a lunch. Location is a beer cafe in Sydney I have been dying to try… perfect! Almost! I am on the Optifast diet in preparation for LAP BAND™ surgery. I get a shake, a bar and a soup (with a small serve of non-starch vegies) and that is my day food wise.

My workmates offer to go somewhere else. No way! I can take it… easy said!

The server gives us the menus, it all looks yummy. I zoom in on the beer menu, this is a brew pub with a serious reputation. Beers all round except for the pregnant person and my good self… sparkling mineral water… no slice! They order up. The server looks at me and I tell her I am not eating, I am a spectator. She looks confused.

I try to change the subject from food. They ask me how my preparation is going so we do food again! Bum! I point out how many food advertisements there are on TV. I begin to salivate!

The drinks come and the beers look good… I love red beer and they have it here. I throw back a swig of mineral water, exhibiting that “devil may care” nonchalance of a tea totaler! I have this gig under control…

… then the food came…

I bit hard into the Optifast bar. They taste great, but I suspect the medium lamb on couscous was better. The bread with dips seemed a little hard to avoid eye contact with also. 

I have the big picture in mind, the ultimate goal – to weigh about half of what I am now. I am not going to let temptation beat me but it is bloody tough. I will be in Port Moresby in a week, I will have to pack the Optifast and stay away from the local cuisine… I will do it, I will survive.

I wished my colleague all the best for the birth, I won’t see her for a few months. I suggested confidently that we will both be smaller next time we meet. That was one of the hardest eating things I have done. It is hard to be social and be on such a restricted diet. The prize is worth it!!!

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