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Jabbed and tightened… the next step for “the band”!

Hey there “band” enthusiasts! Just a quick note to say things are still going great! Next Thursday I go in to have my first service on the Lap Band. They plunge a needle into my tummy and pump saline into the band adjustment port. Not as scary as it sounds (apparently). They say people are often more concerned about this part than they are about the surgery.

I flew to Brissy this week and what a pleasure it is to fit into aircraft seats a lot better… jumped into the seat (cattle class of course), wraped the seat belt around me with gay abandon (I used to need an extension some times – try asking a sexy “trolley dolly” for a belt extension and then check your self esteem meter… ugggghhhh). The snack came along and with a deft flick of the fingers, I released the level on the dreaded table, no contact with the slimmed belly (before I used to have to pull the old gut in to get the tray down to near level).

Next mission is being able to curl up sideways without dislodging the passenger next to me. I can try this on our visit to Canada, at worst I’ll only send Kitty Kat (my beautiful partner) sprawling into the isle!

Stay tuned for Thursdays needle into the abdomen…

Decreasing Al (formerly Big Al)!

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