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Is Turing 50 Your Hump Birthday?

Jackie turned 50 today. I can’t believe my sister is 50! What a momentous and monumental event! It’s not everyday one turns 50. In fact it only happens once in your lifetime, that is if you are lucky enough to get to 50! Does this mean today is your “hump birthday”? Is this the start of the second half of your life Jackie? What happened to the first half?

Where has all the time gone? It seems like only recently (not yesterday) that we were kids playing in our huge yard in Quatsino. In the spring we would look for frog eggs in the ditch behind our house. We would make a home for them in a baby bathtub by putting in dirt, water and the little sticks the clumps of eggs were attached to. Soon we would have tadpoles galore as each egg hatched. Throughout the summer we would watch in wonder while the metamorphosis took place. By time Jackie’s birthday arrived in September, the frogs would be hopping out of the tub to make their life in the ditch behind the house.

I have heard that 50 is the new 40. Not sure if that makes you feel any better Jackie, because I don’t really know what it means. How are you supposed to feel when you turn 50? How do you feel Jackie? I would assume you feel older because…well… because you are! Think of the alternative! I would rather feel older thank you very much.

Jackie and I have always been very competitive. You should see us play a sport together. Even when we are on the same side, we argue. Hey Jackie, remember the time you hit me over the head with the badminton racquet because I missed a shot? Or the time we were walking to school and ran into a bear? You ran so much faster than I (because you were bigger, not because I couldn’t run) that you left me all alone to be eaten by the bear. Okay, the bear was running the other way (this time) but it could have happened!

On this occasion Jackie I am quite happy to let you go first. I think you should try out being 50 a whole year and a half before I have to wear that badge of honour. Then, when my turn comes, you can give me advice on how to turn 50 with grace and style as I am sure that is how you have approached it.

Even though I am not yet that old (50)  I have a suggestion that I think will keep you young at heart. Have goals! Not just little goals, but big bold goals. Something to keep you going. Something that will make you want to hop out of bed in the morning! Okay, maybe that is going too far, but you know what I mean!

I already have some big goals. There is the book I am going to write or maybe even two! I am not sure which one I will start first, but I will start…someday! Maybe when I’m 50!

Then there are the long term goals. These are the ones that I think are important to have when you get to the “over 50” age bracket. My person goal is to start smoking when I turn 84. My reasoning behind this is that I enjoyed smoking, but I know it is bad for your health. Do I need to worry about the long term effects of smoking when I am 84? I think not. So that is my long term goal. My biggest problem will not be reaching my goal in order to achieve it (although that could be a problem), but it will be remembering the goal when I am 84. In fact, I can’t remember what I was doing now. Oh yeah! I remember now….Happy Birthday Jackie!

I love you and miss you and wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Have a great day and a wonderful start to the second half of your life! Do me a favour, I know you will be 86 when I turn 84, but if you could just remind me…

Judy & Jackie

Judy & Jackie

One response to “Is Turing 50 Your Hump Birthday?

  1. jackie September 22, 2009 at 3:44 am

    A whole article about me??!! Just for the record, I’m not actually 50 until tomorrow but thanks for the good wishes. Janine put on a surprise b’day party for me on Sat. and yes, I was VERY surprised. Apparently I am easy to fool. When your husband starts changing all the bedding most people would clue in and figure out that he is expecting company!! I just commented on how efficient he is. When I asked my grandaughter how many kids she had invited to her party and she got mad at me and stormed out of the room, I thought gee,10 year olds are hard to get along with these days!! Yes Judy, I handled the turning 50 party with grace and style,in fact you can probably already picture how I handled it. When I realized what was happening, I burst into tears!!!! No one knew what to do!!! When I got over that though, I did have fun,like only a 50 year old can!!!
    I’m not sure that I feel any different being almost 50, just more appreciative that I am still here, with a wonderful,colourful family to enjoy!

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