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The afternoon commute – a chance to chill… or is it?

I’m sitting on the 4:45 train out of Sydney’s Central Station. I have ‘boarded’ and ‘alighted’ here for 51 years! The massive, cavernous main building changes little, resplendent as ever in sandstone and Aussie corrugated iron! It feels like time has stood still… and it feels good that it has!!!

Train travel has always been so relaxing. It beats driving! Just sit back with a good book… ah!!!

The trains have changed, however. The old ‘red rattlers’ have given way to modern, air-conditioned trains, comfy and quiet. After many years of commuting, one change is big.

Electronic stuff!!!

I remember feeling smug about travelling with a cassette player and primitive ear buds. I used to lug a dozen cassettes around with me

Today you would not be seen dead on a commuter train without noise cancelling ‘buds’ or ‘phones’, a sexy mobile phone that plays 1,000s of tracks and possibly a notebook computer.

If you want to be super hip, a portable DVD player is essential. Of course, electronic readers are starting to appear (like the Amazon kindle).

I’m semi-hip… iPhone pumping Mozart into the SkullCandy (extra big base) noise cancelling ‘phones’ and a good old fashioned book – high brow literature? Well, this is a Les Norton – ‘High Noon in Nimbin’ gripping stuff!

Gotta go, I’m writing this on the WordPress iPhone app, I have a call on hold from my partner (Kitty Kat), email from Amazon confirming my next read has just come in, I am updating my To Do list for the week, Mozart has to be shuffled and poor Les is about to get fives bells knocked out of him!!!

I can’t wait to get home for a rest!

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