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What are the Chances?

Finally, all moved into our new house. Well, it isn’t actually a new house, it’s an old house that is new to us. Being old, the house has issues (kind of like people).

No towel racks in the bathroom, a very ugly medicine cabinet and horrid closets in the two spare bedrooms, so we tore them out, repaired the walls, painted and then sat down to figure out what to do next.

Only one thing to do in a situation like this, a shopping trip to Ikea! Shopping at Ikea is a highlight for me. I love it because I always find what I want. This day was no different.

Al & I found great towel racks and a medicine cabinet that is soooo cute. It makes the need for a new vanity high on the list because it looks so much better than the vanity that is in there and with a new vanity everything would match! Hint! Hint!

The biggest and most important item we were shopping for was a wardrobe for Tim’s bedroom. This was considered a necessity since we had just ripped out all the built-in closets that were so crappy. We attacked the project of finding the right wardrobe with gusto with measuring tape in hand and soon settled on a lovely, off-white wardrobe that would give the bedroom an updated look and much-needed storage.

The problem, the wardrobe was not going to fit into our little jeep! It turns out that long is not always a good thing!

New plan, we would have the wardrobe delivered. After all Ikea is only about an hour away from where we live. How expensive could the delivery costs be?

We bought our new-found treasures and then split up. I went to pick up the medicine cabinet while Al took the wardrobe through to the delivery area. When we got back together he told me the bad news, delivery was going to cost $133.

My reply, “that’s crazy”! Me, being the cheap skate that I am decided that was just too much to pay. We would get a refund and shop for a wardrobe closer to home. Al was more than happy to agree as he had not been excited to pay that much for delivery.

This meant going to the customer service counter, taking a number and waiting our turn only to be told that we had to return to the delivery area, get our money back from the delivery people because they are contractors and then pick up our item from them, return to the customer service counter, take another number, wait again, then and only then could we return the item.

So, this is what we did. When we got back to the customer service desk with the wardrobe (like that is easy to drag around) we had a new lady serving us. This is how it went:

I said, “We would like to return this product”.

She replied, “No problem, can I ask why?”.

“It is going to cost $133. to have it delivered and we think that is too much to pay. We didn’t realize it would be so much”, Al told her.

“No kidding, that’s a lot! Where were you getting it delivered to”, She asked?

“Woy, Woy”, I replied.

“Oh, I live in Woy, Woy”, she said.

“Really, where do you live”?

“I live near the Pelican wharf”.

“So, do we. We live off a street near there”

“No way. You’re not the new neighbours, are you, she asked?

It turns out that we were. Not just the new neighbours, but we live right next door!

I couldn’t believe it. Fourteen thousand people go through that Ikea store every day. There are six customer service agents at that counter and we were talking to our next door neighbour. What are the odds?

Not only that, she turned out to be very nice and she offered to take the wardrobe home with her because it would fit in her car.

She arrived at our house the next night with the wardrobe in the back of the van. We are still in shock as to how lucky we are. We are lucky that we met Ikea lady when we did, we are lucky that she is so nice, we are lucky to have great neighbours, we are just very lucky people.

Was it luck or was it fate? Whatever it was, we’ll take it!

3 responses to “What are the Chances?

  1. Karen Croswell March 24, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Lucky? No way, it’s karma baby…you guys would have done the very same thing.

  2. jackie March 24, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Haven’t you heard?…it’s a small world!! Did you buy a lottery ticket though?

  3. LORI March 25, 2010 at 2:57 am

    I LOVE it … just amazing how things happen isnt it? Thanks for sharing.

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