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Turning 50 is okay as long as it’s not me!

Two of my best friends are turning 50 in January. My first thought was “how exciting”. But that thought quickly turned sour when I realised why I have two friends turning 50.
Yes, I realize that when you write in all capital letters, it means you are screaming. I wrote in all capital letters because, well because, I’m screaming!
I just can’t believe 50 years have almost passed. What have I been doing?
Partying, getting married, partying, raising children, partying, working, partying, getting divorced, partying, finding my awesome new partner Al, partying, moving to the other side of the world.
You get the picture, I don’t have to repeat it, life has been pretty good.
I have had several interesting careers, a marriage that lasted 30 years, two very beautiful children that I am very proud of, and who have collectively given me five wonderful, smart, fun Grandchildren, and an exciting new partner for life that has taken me to the other side of the world. Not bad!

Enjoying the good life in Tassie!

So, what’s the problem?
The problem is that I don’t feel 50. I feel like I should be about 25, not 50. But my body betrays me. I still like to have fun and do have fun, but I am much more likely to go home earlier, have a hangover easier, and not be happy with how the clothes are fitting!
Yes, things have changed! I weigh more than I ever have in the past, my hands have age spots, my tummy bulges, my face has wrinkles and I don’t have the stamina I used to have when I was young.
On the other hand, my house isn’t as clean as it used to be (it’s a good thing), I don’t sweat the small stuff, and I notice beauty around me much more often than I used to. I appreciate life and all that it has given me.
Does this mean I am going to give up and get old? Hell no!
I will continue to look for adventure and probably find more challenges while looking for those adventures. I will use moisturiser more often and stay out of the sun when possible. I will continue to try soooo hard to lose that extra 10 pounds, but above all, I will strive to keep on learning.
I look at the last 3rd of my life as a new beginning.
I am blessed to live with a man who spoils me rotten. Now that I’m older, I am going to appreciate it and at the same time take advantage of it.
I am likely to have more grandchildren, but if not, I am more likely to have great grandchildren while I can still have fun with them. Not too soon though Tristan!
I will keep on snorkeling, kayaking and golfing. I might even try to improve my golf game.
I have just embarked on a new career. I will embrace this new career and give it my all, just like I would have done when I was younger, only now my all includes a lot more knowledge.
I have so much to look forward to…like being able to laugh at my many friends that are turning 50 before me since I have about 4 months to go (but who’s counting)! And, I will. I will laugh, but I will celebrate that they are healthy, happy, 50 and still my friends. And, together we will grow older, not gracefully, but kicking and screaming and fighting it the whole way!

Happy Birthday Sherry and Nancy, January 25, 1961, the day two wonderful Goddesses entered the world!

Sherry & Nancy, the Goddesses!


2 responses to “Turning 50 is okay as long as it’s not me!

  1. Shari March 6, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Fear not the “F—-” word Judy!!! For me it’s been an awesome ride, that only seems to get better, & better around every curve in the road. Life’s physical & emotional demands are exposed on us as ‘lines’…CHARACTER LINES! These ‘lines’ are signs of true beauty on all my friends who have been so lucky to have reached or soon to reach the magic #50…LIVE, LOVE, & LAUGH fully everyday…because! ..we can! How cool is that! Hugs to you ol’friend!

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