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And the Winner Is?

The words everyone likes to hear. St George bank had informed us we were the lucky winners of an overnight stay in Sydney at the InterContinental Hotel including breakfast and tickets to dinner and outdoor cinema in the park.

Our day started at noon  (don’t ask) at Cirular Quay. The sun was shining, Sydney Harbour bustling, we had front row seats as we lunched at the Opera Bar.

The buzz of the Quay is an experience in itself. Watching the ferry traffic, cruise ships and general boating traffic against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is hard to beat, but we were going to try.

We booked onto the 1:30 Thunder jet boats on the harbour. Before departing, the company gives you a poncho to help keep you dry. Great, but I decided to leave my shoes on the dock anyway (good choice) as we watched the previous group disembark and noted they looked as if they had been dunked.

Of course, being the adventurers that we are, we knew we would get wet. That’s what we were there for, so we decided to go for it and ask to sit in the front.

The boat travels at a top speed of 85 km. It flies! We were traveling along at high speed, when we hit a wave, the captain cut the speed causing the bow of the boat to dive. The wave broke right over our heads. Exhilarating! And wet, very wet. I lost my sunglasses and my earrings, that’s how hard the wave hit. Loved it. The ride just got better and better from there, I highly recommend it, but I don’t quite know what the poncho’s were for!

Soaked and high on adrenalin, we did what most Aussies would do, found another bar on Circular Quay and downed a couple of drinks.  Because we are such a shy couple, it was a complete surprise to meet a lovely English couple (from Perth) who were also having a drink two before embarking on their cruise.

Back to our very comfortable room at the InterContinental Hotel to have a well deserved shower before walking the Royal Botanic Gardens waterfront from the Opera House to the outdoor cinema.

Our lovely St George bank host greeted us and showed us our seats in the VIP section on the waterfront. I have no idea why I didn’t take a picture because the view was magical.

After a delicious dinner and far too many glasses of wine, we moved to our VIP seats in front of the outdoor screen.  This screen sits over the water and rises vertically for the shows. Amazing to watch a movie with Sydney Harbour, the silhouette of the cityscape and the Harbour bridge as a backdrop.  And, during the movie, you can see occasional bat fly in front of the screen.

Our movie funny, but I don’t think it would have mattered if it weren’t an interesting movie because it is not about the movie, it’s about the experience, which was enchanting, one that will be hard to beat. Thank you St George’s, we saved the bottle of champagne for another day!

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