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LG Life is Good, Really Good!

We all love to hear the words “You’ve won!” I was lucky enough to hear those words last Thursday. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the lottery or anything as life changing as that, but it was pretty good, a cruise on Sydney Harbour while being pampered!
I had written a “Life’s Good” blog in a contest that Brenda Gaddi of was running. She is an official tweeter for LG. Yes, the same LG that produces products such as the surround sound in my living room.
I was one of two lucky winners Brenda had chosen to share her “Life’s Good” cruise with.

Mummyk, Brenda & I

Mummyk, Brenda & I was the other lucky recipient.
Life started out good with a beautiful sunny day and just got better from there.

mummyk showing off the Harbour Bridge

We were treated to a wonderful selection of sushi, decedent chocolate dipped strawberries, massages, manicure, pedicures

Melting into total relaxation with a massage

and to top it off, had the opportunity to meet Fifi & Jules and some very interesting and well deserving women.

Brenda and the beautiful Fifi Box

Did I mention the wine and champagne that flowed freely throughout the cruise?

Can you imagine a massage in this environment. Heaven!

LG and Brenda, thank you for the extraordinary experience. Not one I will soon forget.
Life’s Good!


2 responses to “LG Life is Good, Really Good!

  1. Kristyn May 29, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    It was so great to meet you Judy!! Hope to catch up again one day. Can you email me copies of the photos of me? Thank you!

  2. Brenda June 1, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    ’twas such a fab day!!

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