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Decorating The Tree – It’s a Sad Day!

Saturday morning and all is going well. We have actually gone out and got the Christmas tree, brought it home and had it up and ready to decorate by 9 a.m. It is my job to decorate the tree as I lovingly like to place each decoration with intention. I like my tree to look nice, really nice!

But, in the last three years,a strange thing has happened as I decorate the tree and this year is no different, I start to feel sad. It is a major case of homesickness!

This year I notice how each decoration that I place evokes memories of the past. The little gold angel has my daughters name inscribed on it. The fabric pinecone I made with my friends Shari and Nancy. We had a blast making those decorations.

I have three homemade decorations from Carolyn. I should have more. Considering I have known Carolyn for almost 30 years and she is well known for making and giving decorations, I wonder where the rest went. It also brings to mind how many Christmases our two families have spent together…many.

Some decorations remind me more of a time, rather than a person. I bought two wooden decorations made by Tony from Quatsino, but I bought them at the craft fair in Port McNeill. The annual craft fair is a huge event in Port McNeill. I have attended it with many different friends over the years. Always was a good day out.

Many of my decorations are from my childhood, like the red bells that fit over Christmas light causing them to glow. We had those red bells when I was a child, which I find strangely odd since we didn’t have power when I was a child. We always had lights on the tree though. When the generator was going, the tree was lit up. It was always lit up on Christmas morning.

I like having themed trees and one year I decided to have all bells as my theme, but I couldn’t afford to go out and buy a ton of bells, so Mom and Jackie croqueted me a bunch bells. These same bells adorn my tree every year along with other decorations, as I have gone off the themed tree thing. I have too many decorations that wouldn’t fit the theme and I want them all on the tree.

Like the cross stitch from Jackie (I have a red bird and a moose) and the little box from my two Granddaughters. It holds their picture and when you hit the button, they sing. Their angelic voices bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye because I miss them and the other Grandchildren so much.

I have newer decorations that also have meaning. Al and I went to Bellingham our first Christmas together and we bought two of the cutest little wine glasses. They bring back a memory of a wonderful snow filled, magical trip.

The tree was all decorated, I stood back to admire it, while Al tried to straighten it because it had a deadly lean to it…crash, the whole thing came down.

After turning the power off and making sure Al hadn’t been electrocuted, I picked the tree up. There was broken glass and ornaments all over the floor. I started to cry.

The first loss was actually a silly buy from years before when I had started making decent money in the logging industry. I had celebrated by buying three hand painted balls for about $70. Extravagant, but fun at the time. One had broken years ago, now the other two were laying on the floor in pieces, along with one of the wineglasses,but they weren’t what brought me to tears. It was the little hand painted bell from Berdie (from Quatsino). I have (had) three. Two small bells and a large one and they are painted with little flowers. Berdie was a very talented artist. She is long gone and now so is the large bell. I think she gave them to me the year I moved out and was going to have to decorate my own tree.

I cried for the loss of the bell, for being so far away from my friends, for the memories, for being a world away from my family whom I love and miss like crazy.

The tree is redecorated, minus some decorations. I know the decorations are gone forever, but not my memories, they remain. To all my friends and family, I miss you. I wish you a wonderful Christmas full of awesome memories and a healthy and Happy New Year.

3 responses to “Decorating The Tree – It’s a Sad Day!

  1. Jackie December 6, 2011 at 5:23 am

    This blog made me cry.I decorated my tree last night. Each ornament is special and has a memory attached to it. There are the plastic canvas ones Mom made when our kids were little so they wouldn’t break if the kids could reach them, the hand crafted dough ones Jeune and her kids made, Berdie’s china bells, Frances’s tatted glass ball,a couple of fancy bought ornaments from Judy, and yes,I also felt sad.I can only imagine how sad you must feel, being so far from family.I hope it helps to know I am thinking of you right now.

  2. margo December 6, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Oh my sweet friend…how I hear your home sickness.I think the things I treasure most are on my tree as well,so I would be in tears also.I think the best answer to this blog is …Mothers famous words ,coming out of a friends mouth……’you need to come home dear’Haha I miss you We have to come and see you so u will feel the love from Canada.If u are having troubles thinking of a gift for that special couple just ask…we would love bamboo sheets!!!!! Hugs to you both and I will be sending out my Christmas letter soon.Miss you both like crazy.

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