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My Sister my Friend. I Will Miss You.

You will always live in my heart and my memories.
You touched the lives of not just me, but so many with your gentleness and open heart.
I am flooded with memories.
When I was a little girl, you wiped away my tears.
Gave unconditional hugs often.
Made me feel so special by sharing in your wedding day. I so loved that purple dress!
Made my life miserable by teaching my son to crawl at five and a half months.
You thought it was so funny.
You thought everything was funny. How beautiful!
Always saw the positive in people and in life.
Tried to teach me how to iron. Declared me a lost cause (and so rightly so)
Accepted everything that came your way or happened in your life with grace,
calmness and dignity…Always.
And your cheesecakes! How memorable were they?
Although after making how many for Erin’s wedding,
they didn’t have quite the same allure for a few years!
We went to the bar when I was underage (you were such a cool sister)
and you got I’d and I didn’t.
It was your young personality and beautiful ice blue eyes.
Life is meant to be lived and that’s exactly what you did and you did it well.
We had such good times when we were together.
We laughed until we cried,
but now I am just crying because your leaving has left a hole in my heart.
I know that hole will fill with all these memories and more,
but that takes time, so much time.
You have always been a committed Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.
It was your purpose in life to shower your friends and family with your love.
And you did.
Right now, I envision you camping lakeside, sitting in your comfy chair,
sipping a glass of wine.
At peace, knowing that all whose lives you have touched have a warm spot in their heart and a smile on their face, including me.
Gone to soon, but loved forever. RIP my sister, Jeune.

Jeune & Molly