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I Feel Dirty!

It is windy here in Ettalong Beach this morning. Not just windy, but sustained winds gusting to 60 km per hr.The winds are supposed to increase to about 100 km per hr.  The weird thing is this wind started in inland NSW and South Australia. It whipped up the dust and has carried it all the way to the coast. When I say dust, it is like I have never seen before.

We went to sleep with our bedroom windows open. We woke this morning to a bedroom full of dust. My eyes hurt, my throat is dry, my nose hurts from breathing in the dust. The dust is red, so when the sun hit it the sky turned red. Blood red! The sight is amazing.

Sydney has been in chaos as the dust is setting off fire alarms. Those suffering from allegeries are choking emergency rooms. Flights are delayed or outright canceled. Visibility on highways is low to nil. We look outside and can see virtually nothing, the dust is so thick!

Al and I will be going out in this dust as we have to go into the city. I am sure that a lot of other people stayed home, if they are smart.

The worst part? My entire house is covered in dust. You can feel the grit on the floor when you walk. It will take a lot of cleaning, but not today. Today I get to go out and breathe in the dust and be blown away by the high winds. I feel dirty!

Check out this utube video.