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Hey Hey Harry – lighten up…

… it is just humour!

Maybe we Aussies have a different sense of humour to our US cousins but you have to take racist, sexist and other forms of ridicule of groups in the context they are offered. It is the intention that is important. If you really want to be offended, you will find a cause. The “Hey Hey” skit may not have been very funny, and it was not racist.

Harry Connick Jr enjoys a lot popularity in Australia and many parts of the world. However, he is taking himself far too serious if he feels the need to campaign for the rights of African American on the basis of that skit.

If you want a cause Harry, use your links in Hollywood to condemn the offensive comment to people struggling with obesity via the character “Fat Bastard”… making obese people appear as buffoons. Take on Hollywood, Demi Moore (Producer) and Mike Myers for their brutal attack on people who struggle with weight issues.

One of the last bastions of ridicule not generally outlawed in politically correct circles is fat jokes. Where are you on this Mr Connick?

Having said this, I am obese and love Fat Bastard – but I know the difference between a harmless joke and an attack on a group within our society.

If I thought the “Hey Hey” guys were being racist I would be the first to condemn their behaviour! We all deserve the utmost respect whatever our situation!!!