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Never Assume When You’re Down Under!

Imagine my surprise when Sept 1st came around and people starting commenting that it was the first day of spring! I guess it never crossed my mind that spring would be on a different day here in Australia than fall is in the Northern Hemisphere. I always thought it had something to do with the day the sun passes over the equator, which should be around March 21st for the first day of spring and Sept 20/21st for the first day of fall. Summer begins June 21st  and winter begins Dec 21st. Logic dictates that Australia would be the opposite.

A fellow toastmaster mentioned it had something to do with  the penal colony changing their uniforms on that day. I couldn’t find any information to confirm that story.

But it turns out that Australia and New Zealand actually follow the meteorogical seasons rather than the vernal equinox. It’s as simple as that.  Meteorogical seasons are determined by weather rather than the length of day.

It turns out that it doesn’t matter because it is spring. The flowers are blooming, the trees are in bud, the wattle is in bloom. The Waratah is also in bloom. This flower is a spectacular sight and is the state flower for NSW. It is also a protected plant!

I “googled” the question, “Why is spring on Sept 1st in Australia? The only reply I found was “Because the last day of winter is on August 31st”. Silly me for asking!